Angie and Cleo

Angie & Cleo

Don't Just Dream it..... Ride it!

By Angie Leckey 15 Dec 2015

Time to ride home after a wonderful three days horse trekking, deep in the heart of the Central Otago Mountain ranges, South Island, New Zealand. After a wonderful nights rest at the Constables Cottage & jail house leaving St. Bathan's township behind the crew from Adventure Horse Trekking NZ head home.

Two days riding ahead and a Southerly wind chills the air, promising snow capped mountains on tomorrows trail. Trail Boss John Wall riding Playboy, Wrangler's Ronja/ Oak, Nora/ Smoke and Brian Ponsonby on Hannah gather up the now riderless horses for the journey home. If you want to experience the real 100% pure NZ then there is no better way than traveling the old pioneering routes on horseback at a gentle pace.

Leave the stress of modern life behind, Don't Just Dream it..... Ride it!

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