Angie and Cleo

Angie & Cleo

Giving as well as receiving

By Angie Leckey 12 Dec 2015

Three Christmases ago John and I decided to construct a wild life pond here at Mount Studholme. We wanted to encourage the frogs, birds and wildlife to share our home. Our business is so interdependent with nature we wanted to give something back. We are lucky enough to share time in the mountains, rivers and steams that are the life blood of the magnificent South Island, New Zealand. Over the three years we have trailed a succession of plants some have been successful others failed.

Cleo the Labrador thinks it is her private baths! However, this year she is sharing the pond with the paradise ducks who have decided it is an excellent home to raise their family. A stray heron has also called in making one heck of a racket each morning as it arrives to do some fishing. The frogs sing away all night long and we have a sky filled with dragonflies swirling on the wind.

Just sitting beside the pond makes you feel relaxed although when Cleo does one of her splendid body slams into the water the ducks do look like surfers on the Gold Coast!