Angie and Cleo

Angie & Cleo

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season

By Angie Leckey 2nd of january 2018

Ngā mihi o te wa Adventure Horse Trekkers,

The summer weather is well established here in New Zealand’s South Island for the holiday season.

Horse and Pony Competition to win a Hawea Hunter River Ride for two has been won by a Lady in Rangiora who is bringing her best friend on the trail with her. There were 1000’s entries in the competition this year so a BIG CONGRATULATIONS, we can’t wait to meet you two lucky riders and take you on a wonderful adventure through the South Island High Country.

Adventure Horse Trekking Shirts as requested by our customers we now have shirts available $45 each. There are various sizes and you can order by dropping us an email:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shorter Rides we have been busy over November and December doing day rides from the stables at Mount Studholme. Many people didn’t know we did the shorter rides as well so for your reference:

  • Wallaby Hop is 2 hours @ $65 p/p
  • Mount Studholme ½ day ride is $100 p/p
  • Waihao River Ride is 1 day ride $210 p/p which includes lunch
  • Kaiwarua Express is 2 days riding and 1 nights’ accommodation $650p/p
  • Gold Miners Pack Trail is 3 days riding and 2 nights’ accommodation$1050 p/p
    further information

Longer Trail Rides At the beginning of January the horses are located in the Central Otago area with our first ride being a Lake Hawea Hunter River Ride 6th January 2018.

There are still some saddles available on trails if you are interested, please drop us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel: (0064) 03 689 2838

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On the Home front

Cutting hay -we have been busy cutting hay to feed the horses through the winter time. Mustering cattle and horses-

Cattle November and December we mustered the cattle into the yards to drench and sort out calves and check the health of stock. We have mainly Hereford Cows and Bulls with a handful of Limousin Cows. These have all been drenched and they are now happily rearing their calves in a new paddock.

Horses The horses have all been drenched; some youngsters have been handled for the first time. Ours is a large herd (70 horses) and it is always a lovely time for them as they come together in a large mob. They meet up with their Brothers, Sisters, Aunties, cousins and Mums. Many people believe horses do not recognise their siblings or Mum’s once weaned. We can tell you this is certainly not the case. The Mares love nothing more than seeing their older foals and the family groups come together around a new foal to welcome them into the herd. Often, a foal has an Aunty and Uncle from the herd (who have not had a foal of their own) who adopts them and takes care of them along with Mum. Playboy and Hazel always have Uncle and Aunty duties they are working on.

Births in the Herd November saw four foals born into the herd, Rain, Rata, Molly and Georgina, a surprise delivery from Calamity Jane yesterday put the number up to five, the babies are all doing really well. They are up on the tussock block at the top of the farm in the nursery paddock. This has steep rolling country where the foals learn very quickly to pick up their feet and become sure footed.

Vegetable Garden This year the veggie garden is doing wonderfully producing a bumper crop of courgette, lovely big garlic which was harvested on the longest day. The birds beat us to the Cherries and the red currants despite Tirzah and John putting bird netting over the tree. They don’t seem quite so keen on the blackcurrants however, so we have a nice stash of blackcurrant jelly in the pantry as a result.

Giving as well as receiving John and I love to do something each year to improve the farm for the wildlife. This spring we planted 250 native plants around the farm which include, Manuka, Kanuka, Pittosporum, Flax bushes, Tussock, K’owhai and others we cannot remember the names of. Thanks to our lovely friend Mary Scarth who donated a large number of flax bushes which we have successfully planted around the wild life pond. This is an on-going project as we try to bring more of the native birdlife, bees and other wildlife to our farm.

In addition, we put 5 bird boxes in the trees which have been such a joy. The birds nested straight away and we have watched the babies fledging over the last few days.

The New Year is upon us, Tau Hou Tau Hou (Happy New Year) may 2018 be the most wonderful year for you and your loved ones.

Kia tae ra ano ka hui ano matou Angie John Tirzah and the Horses