Angie and Cleo

Angie & Cleo

Fall in Love with our Horses

By Angie Leckey 1st of september 2017

Every one of us that are lucky enough to own a horse know that feeling of connection. The funny stories of a childhood around horses and ponies make us smile just thinking about them. The names still conjure up those memories good and sometimes not so good. Competing or hacking around the farm, hunting, endurance, racing or natural horsemanship whatever, we do beside horses they lift your spirits.

“When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have”

Winston Churchill

Adulthood and responsibilities chase us into city’s where there is no room for our horses. Some are lucky enough to keep them at Mum’s and Dad’s place, but riding time is limited leaving horses unfit and riders anxious. It is not just the initial cost of buying a horse but feeding, shoeing, vet fees, saddle, helmets, boots and riding gear that chases horse ownership into a pipe dream for so many.

Scientific studies are beginning to bring credence to the fact that horses can help stressed humans relax and they are utilising horses in therapy. There are some wonderful books detailing the successes of this work.

Looking through our photographs I thought you might like to meet our horses. This is just a few of our herd of 60 purpose bred for trekking in the South Island. I hope they bring a smile to your face and happiness to your heart.

Horses at Mount Studholme
Crossing the Hunter River
Wishbone is a true Gentleman. He takes good care of his rider and loves to hang out at the back of the trail. Seen here with Wendy on the Twin Lakes Pack Trail
Hazel is a great walker she loves stepping out and digging in when the going gets tough out there in the mountains. Seen here with Karen on the Prospectors Dream Trail
Panda is a big strong Clydie X that we bought in. He is an awesome horse out front and a nice ride. He has slotted right into the herd and is third in command of the herd. Seen here with Tania on the Twin Lakes Pack Trail
Spanner is a wee pony with big horse attitude. She has been a full wire hunter goes in harness and has her own fan club. Out front at every opportunity. The oldest horse in our working
Breeze watching over Murray whilst he has a lunchtime snooze. Twin Lakes Pack Trail
Dude was well named because he is a cool dude. Following in the footsteps of his big Brother Ringo Star he works as a pack horse and a riding horse. Seen here with his wee mate from Hunter Valley Station
Smokey is our tallest horse at 17 hands high gentle giant. His little Sister Cloud is joining the riding string this year. He loves to pose for photos with his rider. Seen here with Kim on the Twin Lakes Pack Trail
Hannah is Wishbones big Sister, she is ½ throughbred ½ Shire and the lead mare in our herd. Seen here high in the mountains with Carole on the Musters Mountain Pack Trail
Thistle is Thunders baby Sister, she is 15 hands high. A pack horse and a riding horse she has a soft gentle energy that makes people want to hug and kiss her where ever we are. Seen here on the Musters Mountain Pack Trail
Oak is 15.3 ClydieX He has a high wither and strong shoulders making him nice to ride and a great pack horse. A tough little horse who really digs in when the going gets tough on high peaks and stoney river beds. This horse knows how to work a trail.
Playboy is a horse that we brought into the string. We believe he is part gaited horse with a high head carriage. He has a wonderful speedy walk. The trail boss often rides him as he is such a fast walker, the wranglers love riding him.
Hank the Tank
Being a pack horse is in the blood for Hank the Tank, Sister Calamity Jane and little Brother Walter.
This season baby brother Hector will also joint them on the trails. It’s a family affair for these hard working horses.
Ringo Star
Ringo Star was born to ride, he is a gentle giant who takes such care of his rider. He is second in command of the herd working as a pack horse and a riding horse. Seen here with Brian at 6000 feet above sea on the Musters Mountain Pack Trail.
Tussock is ¼ Appaloosa, ¼ Percheron 17 hands high, this season he and Sister Flaxon moved into the string

What do you call a scarey femle horse? A nightmare!

This season our horses covered approximately 2,500 Km’s on the trails. I think you will agree, they earned the right to enjoy a lovely roll in the grass and a joke at the waterhole!